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thinkPVC – PVC is safe and performs with consistency in a variety of construction products, including roofing membranes, pipes, siding, and window frames, to name a few.

PVC Hose
Wall Panels


Imagine a world with minimal environmental load and sustainable construction practices.


Create a living space that requires minimum maintenance and offers longevity.

We Cover

Vast array of industries – from hospitality to educational institutions to healthcare, we cover them all.





What makes PVC a better option?

Customer Testimonials

Omar Arif

One day on my daily commute, I saw a new building go up off main Ittehad, branded by a neon green sign, enticing all those that pass by. The day that I went in, I would say that my knowledge on the possibilities of PVC and plastic grew tenfold. thinkPVC, a seed planted by Engro, embodies the ingenuity, quality, and overall reliability that the brand has to come to represent over them, and shall no doubt flourish with the diligent and ever friendly staff they have at the premises, who work not to push their products, but to find custom solutions catered to the needs of the customer. The day I went in is the same day I locked in my first order and became not only their first customer, but also a lifelong patron. I wish all the best to the company and can’t wait to see what they do next.

Umer Kushti - JB Saeed

Two days from my first visit to the outlet I was done with flooring job of my showroom. thinkPVC team was able to complete the sizing, BOQ generation, material delivery and installation in Two days only. This was my first experience and indeed an extremely good one."

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