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thinkPVC is a unique store, unlike any other that you’ve seen before. Our store provides you a one-stop PVC solution for all your requirements inside and outside your commercial construction property. Besides just selling high-quality PVC products and components, we also spread awareness and promote a new style of living.

It is time that we think about our future and transition towards a safer and more cost-effective alternative to some harmful forms of plastic. The world needs PVC and we, at thinkPVC, plan to advocate and supply it under one roof.

Why PVC?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is used across a number of industries today to derive benefits that previous forms of molded plastic did not offer. Rigid PVC products possess high plastic density, making them incredibly strong for construction products and other components. PVC can easily be sourced from us and is more economical than normal plastic.

PVC is extremely durable in nature. The exterior stiffness and lightweight features make PVC an attractive choice for constructing projects and other industrial applications. The high chlorine content within PVC also makes the material resistant to all types of fire –  another reason why it is being adopted across multiple industries.

Characteristics of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Some of the most distinct properties users will find in PVC materials include:

  • Sustainability: Sustainable PVC is in high demand today, majorly because of how it offers an eco-friendly plastic solution.
  • Durability: Rigid PVC has a hard exterior and ranks well when it comes to go durability because it has excellent tensile strength and will not break down under the pressure of construction.
  • Strength: Rigid PVC boasts excellent tensile strength and will not break down under the pressure of construction.
  • Recyclability: Perhaps the biggest factor going in favor of PVC is that it can easily be recycled without degradation of the environment or the material.

PVC is known as the plastic of the future and thinkPVC is leading that change forward with its unique concept store.