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Ark: Survival Evolved. Crafting · New World · The Planet Crafter · Craftopia · DeadPoly · Raft · DYSMANTLE · Green Hell.

Open World Survival Craft.Top 30+ Open World Survival Craft games – SteamPeek


Open world, Survival, Crafting: the trifecta of indie game features that exploded after the huge success and popularity of Minecraft more than a decade ago that continues to this day. Every seven days a horde or zombies will attack you wherever you are, so most players spend the other six days exploring, crafting, and base building to prepare for the horde night. Like Minecraft, 7DtD is a voxel-based game.

As an early access game, 7DtD has had extensive changes between versions. However, it has a large catalog of mods available, including overhaul mods, so even if something changes in the base game, with a new version you can rest assured someone will make a mod to undo it.

Resources tend to be plentiful but require exploration and looting. Early game play can have difficulty curing infections which can be caused by attacks from zombies or animals. Well, how about not only surviving on the island full of dinosaurs, but being able to tame and ride them? Build a portable flying home on top of a massive quetzalcoatl, stomp your enemies into dust atop a brontosaurus, or breed an unstoppable army of dodos and unleash your own scenario for a mass extinction!

ARK gained a shaky reputation because of its equally shaky stability upon launch, but the game has received many updates since, including a catalogue of DLCs and a bunch of them are free! If you happen to get tired of the classic experience, you can always have some fun with Scorched Earth, Extinction, or Aberration expansion packs.

A lot of early survival in ARK is all about sheltering from the elements and avoiding aggressive animals. Once you advance your tech tree and tame some dinos, venturing away from the coast and into the depths of the forest will kick all of these dangers into overdrive.

As you unlock more and more powerful tools, the ultimate challenge will be subduing the most threatening of the creatures. What started out as a mod for ARMA 2 eventually became one of the most popular zombie survival games around.

Thanks to the success of the mod, its creator Dean Hall joined Bohemia Interactive and worked with them to create a standalone version of the game. This version followed the now popular trend of releasing in early access and — at least according to some people — never truly being finished. Thanks to the unpredictable nature of the game and the fact that players can be handcuffed and force-fed rotten food , this is one of those games that can contain memorable moments — interspersed with long stretches of hunting for food and gear.

Resources can be found, but doing so requires both patience and experience. New players often struggle to find even food and basic equipment. Additionally, full official servers can be particularly difficult places to collect gear. Resources will be your biggest concern for a long time, especially when it comes to food. Not all methods of obtaining that food in the game are safe: cutting on sleep, fighting powerful opponents, and consuming questionable meats can quickly lead to mental health deterioration.

The first release from developer Endnight Games, The Forest has been a huge hit. An open world survival horror game that also features crafting and building, the game also has a decently fleshed-out storyline unlike most games in this genre. You start off as the survivor of a plane crash on a peninsula to find out that a cannibal has taken your son.

Sadly, Timmy is just going to have to wait a while so you can gear up, explore, and slaughter cannibals and mutants. Resources are plentiful, lack of sleep has no impact other than low energy which can be cured by eating. Sanity likewise presents no notable challenge to the player. Features adjustable difficulty options from Peaceful to Hard Survival which has stronger enemies and harder survival.

Green Hell is a survival sandbox game with a very multilayered survival system and a driving story arc. Polish studio Creepy Jar crafted a mysterious and thrilling storyline that draws you deeper into the dangerous Amazonian jungle with every clue and cutscene.

The suspense builds as you become aware of just how easily every part of the environment and its human and animal denizens can kill you. Both the endless survival mode and the expansions are multiplayer, and there are single-player timed survival challenges to test your mettle in the Amazonian wilderness.

The premise in Green Hell is that you are trying to discover what happened to your wife, Mia, an anthropologist and expedition partner. You become disoriented and separated after an accidental fall, which propels you into a frantic search while you learn to survive largely by trial and error in a jungle infested with predators, disease, and hostile tribes. The game also provides a useful field notebook feature.

As a biologist, the protagonist uses this bespoke means to note the building and crafting recipes he has observed, as well as the uses of native animals and plants for food and medicine. Green Hell is aptly named, because nearly everything in the game can spell doom for the protagonist. Its sanity, illness, sustenance, and herbology systems are the most complex of any of the big-name titles in the genre, and this really drives the suspense.

ICARUS is a survival sandbox game with one of the most rich character customization and crafting systems in the genre. Developer RocketWerkz and gamerunner Dean Hall, creator of DayZ, wanted to shake up the genre with a session-based, mission-focused concept. The result was a survival sandbox game with the feel of an action adventure title. To complete each mission and survive to tell the tale, you have to tailor your build and the equipment you choose to start with. While the game is open-world and you can build anything anywhere, the map is wiped and reset at the end of the mission.

It is a hostile and unforgiving planet where terraforming failed, but has not deterred a cadre of mining factions eager to pillage the planet for rare elements called Exotics. This setting provides ample fodder for tons of missions, like scanning for drop zones, opening up mining routes, or exterminating alpha predators dining on your fellow miners.

You trade in mission rewards and exotics to research and build powerful late-stage equipment that you can reuse on any mission. And with a deep talent tree for character specialization and a lobby that can support 8 players, ICARUS is a great title for fans of co-op building and PvE adventure.

It sports the most detailed and dynamic weather system in the genre, which constantly influences how you plan and progress through the game. Its mission-based gameplay loop also allows them to impose a mission timer, after which your prospector is left to perish on the planet surface with optional permadeath. No list of the best games of this kind would be complete without Minecraft: with its distinct blocky graphics and seemingly never-ending amount of things to do, Minecraft is very much still the king of the genre, with millions of people actively digging out caves, exploding creepers, and falling into lava on Minecraft servers worldwide.

Minecraft has been getting updates non-stop ever since it was purchased by Microsoft, so players who only played it way back in may find themselves lost. The game lets you explore a nearly infinite universe of planets, and you can do so as a trader, explorer, or even a pirate.

Swedish developer Redbeet Interactive created one of the most innovative survival sandbox games in the genre when they conceived of Raft. The concept was so unique, that Raft spurred an entire subgenre of survival sandbox games on PC and mobile platforms. Its unique premise turns exploration on its head, where you stay in place building your raft base, while a randomly-generated infinite ocean world brings resources floating past you.

The fact that this concept was born from a group project in a school for game development really makes you appreciate that some of the best and original game ideas come from novice developers. The world of Raft is post-apocalyptic, where something has caused the oceans to rise to a point where human and animal survivors have scrambled to the few scraps of land that remain. There are plenty of threats to contend with at every stage, including dive-bombing birds, exploding fish, and malfunctioning robots.

The cartoonish art design keeps the world fresh and entertaining as you build up your raft and a means to propel it toward a wide variety of points of interest and zany adventures. Raft is easy to play solo or with friends, and the survival burden is intentionally kept light and entertaining.

This lets you relax and enjoy every part of the game. Each point of interest including your raft balances survival on land and beneath the waves, forcing you to mind both health and sustenance, as well as oxygen and light. Tired of being stuck on a raft? How about we take it to the mainland with Rust! With monuments to explore pun intended and people to kill, Rust is a high-octane game for those PvP addicts out there.

Build a massive base with your friends, or live like a hobbit and scavenge what you can! Compete, raid, fight, and conquer your way to being the richest player on the server! The base game has also changed greatly in the last few years — from being a bare-bones survival game, to being a high-octane first-person shooter, more focused on its PvP aspects than its survival aspects.

Once you join in on the map you need to prioritize staking your land! Rush to your build location and set down a small base. Make sure to get some clothing to allow you to explore the map without taking radiation. While out, just farm some ores and components until you can begin to progress in your wipe time before the next server reset , hopefully gaining guns and riches along the way!

Subnautica is similar to The Forest in that it has a linear story that is gated by your progression through the crafting tree, which provides additional motivation to find that next blueprint or crafting material.

The environments are even more breathtaking and alien, and the game is once again based around a clear narrative. For most players however, Below Zero is just more of a good thing. As in the original, dying mostly occurs if you explore while unprepared, and creatures are even less aggressive must be that arctic chill.

When Terraria first released back in , a lot of people gave it a quick glance and immediately dismissed it as a cheap 2D side scroller version of Minecraft — an impression that developers of Re-Logic were determined to change; and they succeeded! After a lot of extra content was added to the game over its lifespan it has come to be iconic in the genre, landing in 9th place on the Best-Selling Games of All Time.

Terraria is a bit of an oddity within the genre, and that goes past its 2D side scroller visual style. You must kill bosses in order to advance in the world, similarly to Valheim, with certain bosses changing the world itself upon death. And, near the end, the game gets really hard. Terraria lacks some of the traditional survival features, which leads some to debate if it can qualify as a survival game at all.

Additionally, shelter is a game mechanic, but not in a traditional sense, where it protects you from the elements. At the start of the game will need shelter in order to keep enemies out while you rest, but that becomes less important later on. In the late game, you will need to make fortifications in order to fight bosses, and fend off enemy swarms.

To make things even better, its folk-y, one-with-nature viking theme fits it perfectly. It has a simple story you can follow, which is perfect for people who get lost or bored in full sandbox type games. It has vibrant colors and a simple cartoon-y aesthetic, making it enjoyable for people of any age.

Grab a friend and try it out! Valheim re-imagines staple survival features, with the intent of alleviating frustration by making interacting with them rewarding rather than punishing. Shelter however is pretty traditional, in that it protects you from roaming enemies while you rest, and occasionally there are events which cause hordes of enemies to rush you, where having a well-developed shelter can greatly improve your chances of survival.

Physical Damage. Clunky combat system. Extremely grindy, as you need rare drops to craft equipment necessary for killing bosses Strictly linear progression means replayability is very low.

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