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Create and inspire with PVC

Date: 31-01-2022 | thinkPVC

Polyvinyl Chloride, most commonly known as PVC, is what the masses are opting for when it comes to renovating areas or even construction of larger spaces. The prime reason for this is its durability, sustainability, and most importantly, the fact that it is affordable. There are many industries that have caved in and opted out of using acrylic, wood, porcelain, ceramic, bamboo, lamination, carpet, and other options over these recent years.

thinkPVC specializes in all kinds of polyvinyl products, ranging from uPVC, PVC, and wPVC.

The product range consists of PVC flooring, cabinets, doors, windows, PVC cables, pipes, sewerage, decking, fencing, wall coverings, and cladding. These products have been used in many places such as Educational Institutes, Hospitality, Restaurants, Interior designing, Construction, Offices, and Commercials, inclusive of residential areas. There is an extensive variety of happy clientele that are constant and keep returning for more diversified products, for similar and/or different areas. Due to its versatility, PVC is broadly used in offices for flooring, doors, windows, siding, cabinets etcetera.

A very renowned educational institute used products from thinkPVC for their architecture such as pipes. These pipes are mainly used in sewerage, pressure pipes, and cable conduits, giving them long-lasting sustainability. With the growing construction of commercial and residential areas, PVC being eco-friendly, and light on the pocket, the usage has escalated. People nowadays are looking and opting for new and modern places. Many people owning an older space, have used PVC to give it a modern feel from the inside. The biggest advantage in this is that the people are now getting the same quality with a better feel and look as there is no compromise on that.

In a very recent residential project, a client had chosen to use PVC all over their house. From the construction where all the pipes were PVC Spiro pipes to the uPVC doors. These pipes are differently sized and extremely safe therefore can be used as drinking water supply pipes as well. The reason for the client to choose all doors as uPVC was because it helps in containing fire rather than spreading it. These doors are weather and waterproof so if your house or apartment is humid, suffers from continuous seepage, or is prone to rainwater damage- your doors will not yield in but continue to perform as they usually do.

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