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Eco-friendly and sustainable home solutions

Date: 31-01-2022 | thinkPVC

Are you planning to up-do your kitchen and looking for reasonable, eco-friendly, and sustainable options? Look no more, thinkPVC has the perfect solution for you to upgrade your kitchen area with perfect aesthetics! Our products are safe, durable, and consistent. They add to the elegance of your kitchen by enhancing it with its variety of colors. The products range from uPVC doors, windows, flooring, boards, roofing, fittings, panels; to name a few. Since PVC is water/heat resistant, it will keep your kitchen rust-free.

The dynamics of the material add character to your kitchen with its vibrant colors and textures. Compared to acrylic; as flashy as it may look, acrylic lamination can really give a huge dent in your pocket. Acrylic lamination is glossy and can give your kitchen a fresh look whereas pre-processed PVC lamination can be matte and/or glossy finish. It is economical and has lots of colors and textures to offer such as metal, super glossy, textured, and matte. Not only that, it is highly durable which adds to its advantages.

While working in the kitchen, it is imperative to have your floor of such a material that is non-slippery, easy to clean, adding to the pleasing outlook of the area. PVC flooring is being widely used and recommended by the best Architects and Interior Designers, not only in Pakistan but Worldwide. This new product has taken the market by a wave, creating a niche for itself. Its affordable prices with all the positive properties have made it irresistible for anyone to deny it and look at any other option.

Foam boards made out of PVC are being heavily used on kitchen cabinets. They provide heat insulation and are fire-resistant. They are light-weighted so are easy to install and manage. Their non-toxic and anti-chemical property gives you a hygienic environment to work in.

All of our products are termite-proof, water-resistant, anti-bacterial, long-lasting, and rust/corrosion-proof. Over the years, various industries have trusted us and shifted from conventional materials to PVC and uPVC, showing great satisfaction. We are now successfully covering industries such as Education, Construction, Hospitality, Agriculture, Offices, and Commercials.

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is not very strong in its original form. However, once treated and heated to the right degree and for the precise time, it becomes more durable and sustainable giving wonderful and trusting results. Treatment of UV stabilizers on PVC gives them the strength to endure the harsh sunlight outdoors as well as indoors.

CPVC is a modification of PVC which has more chlorine content. This helps it to withhold higher temperatures without losing its actual form. CPVC is usually used in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling) work. Usually, pipes are made out of this material for their long-lasting durability.

thinkPVC’s vision is to provide a one-stop solution to our customers with top-notch services with pre and post-sale care. Being a conscious organization, we support and recommend PVC and uPVC to our customers.

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