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But Steam is a big marketplace, and not every game works well on the Deck. Fun for the tech enthusiast, but not ideal when you just want a great gaming experience.

They work great on the first boot. Though if you are feeling brave, adjusting a few settings here and there might make the experience even better for you. This is the magic of the Deck. There is no particular order to these titles, but before we jump in, there are a few honorable mentions. Performance issues, however, completely stopped me from enjoying myself on the Deck. Outward is an epic fantasy game with some pretty gritty survival mechanics. I really wanted Outward to make this list.

Some may find the combat a little too rigid, but I think the scope the game delivers outpaces those criticisms for the most part.

Maybe your eyes are better than mine though. If so, this is a pretty epic game to play in such a small form factor. Strange Horticulture is a very cool puzzle game that combines the occult with, well, horticulture. You might have a great time with this on Deck, but I found the smaller text font to weigh too much against the game to include it in the main list. It kind of breaks my heart that Dungeon Munchies only gets an honorable mention here.

This side-scrolling action RPG is a really endearing, addictive, pixelated culinary romp with a wonderful sense of humor. It was really close to making the cut, and perhaps spiritually, it does. Also, I found the settings menu to be a touch too buggy. Stray was very close to making the list, and you should check it out. When Elden Ring dropped, the Steam Deck was one of the best ways to play the latest Miyazaki jam, and it still is. In fact, the proximity of their release dates almost tosses Elden Ring into launch title status for the device.

It might be fair to criticize some HUD elements as being a touch too small, but the core experience is worth it. This summer hit had everyone hot and bothered over, well, things that usually make you hot and bothered and it had a wonderful soundtrack. All of that, including its lightning-fast gameplay, translates exceedingly well to the Deck. Neon White is a fantastic game in portable format as it relies on small, focused maps that you have to get through as quickly as you can.

And, dare I say, the Steam Deck is one of the best ways to play this space-exploration sim. Sure, maybe the frame rate can be a bit wonky, but hear me out. On Deck, though, that visual effect is no longer an eyesore; it actually adds character and sort of smooths out the rougher edges of the presentation. In my experience, these were tolerable, especially when the sense of scale and the visual aesthetic, leave a dramatically more notable impression. On a big screen, everything kind of looks like a toy.

But on the Deck, the expansiveness of the planets and solar systems has me very much believing this simulation. But fortunately, the game runs really well on Deck. One might even consider it part of its charm. Some of the thrills come just from destroying and blowing shit up. Okay, well, maybe most of the thrills. Besides, when you do cause the frame rate to tank because you had to load up a building with explosive tanks nestled in a bunch of wooden boxes you set on fire, well, it sort of feels like you deserved it.

Teardown can be a pretty relaxing game, perhaps surprisingly so for a game with the option for spontaneous property destruction. Remake contains some of my favorite Final Fantasy combat, and slipping back into this game on Steam Deck was a great way to relive its unique blend of command-based and real-time combat. It strikes such a nice balance of agency and tactical planning, and it really sings on the Deck.

When testing this out on the handheld platform, I forgot about what I was doing and just got pulled back into the absorbing gameplay loop. That such a blockbuster, full-featured action RPG is available on the Deck and performs so well is really a testament to the variety of experiences you can have on the platform. Want a visual treat that comes with no performance hitches and is addictingly fun to play on Steam Deck?

And the game plays really well! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is too much of an endearing franchise to not have a good time here. And the music rocks on a good set of headphones. The game has you reading out actual meters and features in a simulated cockpit rather than a HUD, and I think this aspect translates really well to the Deck.

The left touchpad, for example, allows you to quickly boost with your jump jets and move in the direction your thumb is pointing. If fast-paced, timing-critical games like Neon White or even Elden Ring show one side of the spectrum of experiences you can have on the Steam Deck, then Glitchhikers shows the other. Glitchhikers can be a heady experience.

You will spend most of your time driving or hanging out in random places, talking to strangers who are willing to open up about all sorts of things, from wide philosophical wonderings, to deeply personal experiences of loss and tragedy. Headphones will really help you sink into the experience here. I said this list had no particular order. But if it did, well, Praey for the Gods certainly would take a high spot and is, perhaps, my favorite on this list.

These titles, however, represent an exceedingly wide scope of games available on the platform, from quirky indie games to the most celebrated AAA blockbusters. About Kotaku Store. The Bests. By Claire Jackson.

CC Off English. List slides. Explore the Lands Between Image: FromSoftware. If only we all could be so blessed Screenshot: Angel Matrix. Arson and property damage on the go? Sign me up! Image: Tuxedo Labs. Image: Square Enix. You can even play it in the sewers! Image: Tribute Games. Image: Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation. Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between. Slow down a bit and find yourself Image: Silverstring Media. Praey is overclocked deja vu Image: No Matter Studios.


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