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Hospital and Medical Centers

From décor to equipment. Let us think of uses for PVC in hospitals and medical centers

PVC plays an important part in today’s healthcare, helping to improve a variety of aspects of healthcare management and equipment. PVC is one of the most extensively utilised plastic materials for medical equipment such as flexible containers and flexible tubing due to its unique technical qualities and inexpensive cost.

thinkPVC assists healthcare facilities around the country in coming up with ideas for incorporating PVC into their buildings and medical equipment.

PVC is a common choice in hospitals and medical institutions for ceilings, wall coverings, and flooring solutions, in addition to being used in equipment. Chemical resistance, exceptional durability, affordability, and low long-term maintenance costs are common requirements for medical facilities’ building and construction materials. PVC, generally known as vinyl, meets all of these requirements and even exceeds them.

When used in flooring, wall coverings, and ceilings, PVC eliminates the need for frequent cleaning and ensures that the area is cleansed once in a while, preventing the spread of infections and other diseases.

Signage, art, zone boundaries, and other design solutions are available in PVC to make hospitals and medical centers appear more comfortable, friendly, and energetic for everyone. PVC flooring and wall coverings have a smooth outer layer that prevents dust and grime from gathering and providing a health risk to patients.

Furthermore, due to the widespread use of PVC in the healthcare industry, significant progress has been made in terms of recovering, recycling, and collecting PVC-based products.

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