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Hotels and Restaurants

From landscaping to interior design, add PVC to your hotel and restaurant.

When PVC (vinyl plastic) was initially introduced, few people expected it to find a home in the hospitality business. However, a quick look at interior design trends in the hospitality industry will show you how popular PVC is and how it is employed by hotels and restaurants all over the world.

thinkPVC helps hotels and restaurants all throughout the country come up with practical ideas for incorporating PVC into their interior design. We, at thinkPVC, believe that vinyl has a lot of promise in the hospitality business, and that the aesthetic, affordability, and fresh look of PVC can help the industry as a whole.

Vinyl flooring has a relaxing appeal that complements the fresh look of PVC wall coverings. Transitioning to PVC fabrics, signage, blinds, and graphics can also benefit hotels. Incorporating visible vinyl into your hotel design has a lot of promise.

PVC can be used for vinyl siding and trimmings, PVC doors, PVC windows, and, most critically, PVC for membrane roofing in hotels and restaurants. PVC can also be used in landscaping for hotels, such as fencing, railings, and decking surrounding pool areas, or for general outside seating.

Apart from the obvious benefits of PVC, the hospitality industry can also benefit from characteristics of vinyl that we don’t normally see. PVC is an excellent noise dampener that can be used in ice machines, elevators, vending rooms, and other noisy areas to keep customers away from the noise and provide a consistent user experience.

Most hotels and restaurants are also working on measures to improve fire-resistance, which is why PVC cables and wires are the call of the hour.

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