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Power fighter feeder 390 xh 50-170gr free download

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Power fighter feeder 390 xh 50-170gr free download

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SEA: The nickel version perfect for the sea using.


Power fighter feeder 390 xh 50-170gr free download

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Power fighter feeder 390 xh 50-170gr free download. Maver 2021


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The super high modulus carbon fibre with the latest generation resins make it a jewel for this kind of fishing. The lift power for every rod is well printed on each single tackle and is. A real entry level range for the lake trout technique , composed by 4 rods from different casting powers and lengths that are able to cover all kind. A range from sensational relation between price and quality and developed in order to be also a perfect tackle for fish in the. A lake trout rod for everybody!

Nice tackle, reliable, super light and strong in the meanwhile. Realized with the best materials that the Maver technicians. Reglass is the italian company producing rods such as Darkside collection with more than 20 national and international patents and. Reglass is constantly on. National Council of Researches and universities to obtain a carbon paper much. The cooking of carbon is in autoclave,. Tests on finishing products are made by dynamometer and. The Reglass laboratory has a dynamometer that allow to control and notice.

The wrapping schedules are born after a lot of dynamical and technical tests: the guides number on the 2 sections and 3 sections rods. After years and years of tests, as in the seafishing experiences as in the casting fields, we can say to have prepared. Notes: The monophilaments coils are closing themselves gradually creating friction on the total length of the rod. Notes: he line spoils are closing themselves in a super quick way creating a bit of friction just on the first part of the rod.

The competitors will want it and they cannot compete without! So you can fish to a real long distance with fine beams 0,,40 mm without damaging the baits. We are. You ll be able to cast your leads to long distances without force the same casting action, so the bait will arrive to the. The put-over connections are permitting to the Reglass engineers to decrease.

The progressive action will. With a correct side cast you will reach very long distances for a such. The put-over connections are not bringing a lot of weight on this blank and permit a perfect balancing. The rod is specifically built in order to obtain the. The solid carbon tip action will permit you to fish perfectly even in rough sea without any problem. The butt section is longer. The central section is really conic.

Hybrid solid carbon tip which is realy able to feel any kind of bite. This rod action is simply unique and never imitable from the competitors: the tip is iper sensitive and the slim blank.

You can feel the most suspicious bites even fishing very long. The newest “super sensitive” tip, developed from our engineers, it is able to fit very. The Laser is available just as. Super reactive and powerful blank, ideal to make long. Fully produced in Italy from the Reglass factory with all the. This rod was. Its length will permit you to use also long rigs for searching fishes in middle waters in deep beaches.

Thanks to the innovative resins and Impregnation process that orders the high module carbon fibres at It comes with. The Fuji guides and high quality finishing makes this rod perfect for surfcasting matches and every.

Only the blank is available so you can use both the classic. Japanese assembling like guides low rider and classic European assembling style. This rod is also available in 4. Perfect mix between japan style technique and European style, thanks the strong blank and ultra-sensitive tip we. Is perfect for the. Can be good for every fishing sessions, also for multifibre. The rod Tsunami Surf born from our cooperation with Spanish and Portuguese athletes. It’s a different rod from. This rod is specifically developed thinking about the sea conditions: we want you be able to fish even in rough sea.

The solid carbon tip will give you the perfect sensitivity and in the. The fuji guides will grant. This rod has an excellent quality and price with Fuji components is very similar to higher level rods. Its powerful strongness and. Super sensitive solid carbon tip. Perfect tackle for target bottom fishes to a mediumlong.

This rod has absolute power and facility of loading, these are the main features of Radar surf that has great. These rods are designed to reach excellent distances with casting above and side, the particular mix of carbon. Power and sensitivity are main features. It will be super appreciated even from the rockfishing. Catching graphics and ease for the using, the Ninja can be used both in mormore fishing on long distances and.

Full carbon tip will permit you to fish also in rough sea without losing weight. The full carbon tip will permit to not losing the weight also in rough sea. This rod will amaze you because. Also with big. The first 3 section rods that Maver is selling out for the same price of a telescopic entry level one.

If you are going. The rod can overpass mt on. The guides are hybrid and designed for use the spinning reel as the casting reel. The rod is also available. Extremely powerful rod blank that is ideal to cast in any style and super sensitive tubular soft tip. The Game Over. The newest tubular.

The high modulus carbon fibers are disposed in 45 degrees, avoiding in this way the rod twist when we will. It is a super powerful. Available just in blank version in order to be personalized. The Heavy Casting style ,as for the name of this rod, born in Greece some years ago and is developing itself around. This technique is enclosing and presenting the characters of.

A rod used also in South Africa for catch and target. We have also tested this tackle for the. Available just in. Surfcasting rod devloped with a specific tubular soft tip that is simply the best in order to show any single bite and.

On the casting fields we obtained spectacular distances even. Perfect to fish even with a rough sea because we will be able to stay blocked without movements. The 8 oz casting power is real and referred to the ground casting style. Available only as blank version. This is a superlative rodi f youare searching for a tackle able to assist you in any sea condition; tubular soft tip and.

Specifically developed for any kind of cast, including the most technical. Tested and stressed without any matter even using braid! With this super rod you can make every cast you want, as with lead on the ground as with the same lead. Available just blank version in order to personalize and custom the rod in any possible and desired way. Rod developed for search and fight against big dentex, leccia, serra fishes, and all the sea monsters that we can.

The relation between price and quality is without any comparison for such powerful rod. Available in blank version in order to be super personalized for any kind. The Powerlite has two changeable tips, one in full. Its action allows to fight big fishes like mullet,. The Powerlite comes with two changeable tips, one in full glass of 70 cm and the. TELE G 4. So fishing at mt with a super light rod with extra light hooklinks will be an absolute advantage for you.

Fuji double arm guides and all the wrappings made by precious artisan hand give to this rod an additional value. Rods ‘Spider Telesurf’ will surprise you for the quality and price.

They are perfect for fishing bottom fishes both. Its progressive action and thin full carbon tip will allow you to manage very light leads. Series of telescopic rods with high performances, ideal for reaching long distances losing no sensitivity. The tip is. Double arms guides permit no.

Slim, light, super strong and easy to transport thanks to the short spares. Super rod to target mormora and bottom. The solid slim carbon tip will indicate you the smallest movements and bites. The relation between price and quality is simply never seen before for this beautiful rod developed to target. The reinforced crossed carbon is granting the reliability which we need as.

The Solid carbon tip is without any sliding guide and. A short section rods, ideal to be easily transported in the car or in any way.

Super strong and reliable it is also easy. The gr are real and the tip without any sliding guide is able to feel the minimum. Very little size and beautiful reliability are the characters of the Winner Travel The perfect rod for the angler who wants to try to fish surfcasting, rockfishing or other similar styles from harbors.

Ideal for the sea but perfect even for the freshwaters. Double reinforced guides with anti-tangle profile. Easy to use for everybody and easy to cast with. Powerful rod to fish from rocks and can be used to damage all predators like siluro and storione both in salt waters. It needs to make an easy casting with suspended weight to reach good distances.

Extremely strong tackle, able to cast and fish to every distance. It is specifically developed for fish and target big. The solid tip in carbon material is developed without any guide in order to avoid. These rods are designed for bottom fishing both in salt and fresh water, they can be easily used for casting above.

The material used gives to the Oragon an ideal action to face big fishes like serra, catfishes or esturgeons. We wanted to build up a unique tackle, not existing on the current. The rod is perfect for bolentino fishing under the boat but also for compete on the bottom.

Without any doubt is able to handle. We wanted to. Some anglers tested it in the best way even with the light drifting , searching big groupers with live baits. Anglers choose this. Resistant and light rod. We can fish in a good way with all weights also thanks to the two tips are unchangeable.

Superbe lightness. Perfect for the light drifting searching for little tunas, ideal. The soft parabolic action is wanted and built for. Bad possibilities. This great tool combines the ease of a rod with.

This tool has a real fine handle and is ideal for fishing all the species. A great rod for who wants to fish with thin lines and count on the maximum. It was designed by the Italian company Reglass. The distinct qualities. The blank is very very light and the connection tips allow to see also the those fish bites that with other rods.

The strikes are always clear. Rod very technical, this is the right choice for fishing mackerels, jack mackerels and bonitos. The length 4,5 mt makes this Darkside Boat ideal also for the competition. The characteristics.

The force point of this great rod is the iper sensitivity chained to the super lightness which are the main topics of the. Extremely balanced it can give you the real pleasure even during the longest fishing sessions.

Series Winner boat Replica has been designed especially for those enthusiasts who want to learn to fish from the boat. The Winner boat Replica was born to facilitate the recovery of the praise and the cast of anyone who fishes from the.

The whole range has been conceived. A range of rods specifically made for fishing bolentino from the boat or simply on the bottom , thanks to the solid. Very strong structure in order to fight and land all the catches.

Double arm guides with the best wrapping quality and reel case of the. Series of rod very powerful but the tip is very sensitive able to show also the most suspicious bites. We have the. With 5. The tip has been. The series Reality Tele Boat was designed for all enthusiast fishermen who wants technologically advanced rod. The tip’s action is studied for fishing mackerels or similar sea fishes.

The full glass tip has great. Made by high resistant carbon and composed fibers with. Balanced and super. Impossible to destroy thanks to the solid fiber used to build the complete butt section of this rod. The handle. Ultra Boat is used for many different fishing styles, from bolentino to the light drifting. The relation between price. Two powerful rods designed for fishing from the boat using different techniques, starting from the research of.

This series will. This rod was designed for fishing with totanare to hunt cuttlefishes, squids and totani having the sensitivity of the. The progressive action avoids to lose the prey during reel in phase. The rod can be used also for. A complete series of all lengths, It’s ideal as for eging style in search of cuttlefishes, flying squids and squids, as.

Progressive blank and very sensitive tip are avoiding every possible unhook of the. The Dragon can be used for the squid fishing or fishing line. The particular arrangement of the rings increases the. The first piece is made in carbon. Three rods for fishing from the boat in all the techniques.

Created to help the anglers who normally get through the. Really a good position for all the guides that help the fight with all catches and. Incredible the rapport. The handle part is made in beautiful Eva material.

Name Turner underlines the particular assembling of spiral guides named Acid, and when rod is bended the line. The one-piece structure produced with high.

The series Big Baits Casting born for fishing bigger predators that live in all kind of waters and can manage till gr. These rods can have a big reserve of strength and can manage long fights making fishes tired before they.

The series BigBaits spinning born for all the techniques where we need full-strength! These lures are perfect for fishing catfishes in big Italian and European rivers, designed to manage. These kind of lures can be use also fishing pikes in big European and world. Rod developed to fish in salt water. This range of rods covers a big amount of sea fishing techniques, from that one.

The goal is sea fishing for medium. This range is made. Series of one piece rods that had a big success in the classic fishing of bass, pike and also sea sishing to catchand. You will be amazed by its axtreme lightness combined to the great. Thanks to the use of Nanolith patent you will have a damping of vibrations in the moment of. This series is made by four models and produced with some great hogh level components to create a rod for bass.

The perfect balance and fastreactivity of the blank make this series ideal also for. The rod RXE 6’2″ for spinning is a very particular rod appropriate for fishing with exposed hooks and rubber. It’s a. This rod. The rod 6’3″ M for casting was born for fishing with crankbait.

An extremely soft rod that has the classic action of. Disarming lightness plus slow action of the rod it’s. The power released during casting phase gives us incredible distances using very light lures and the catch will be. During the fight the beautiful blank’s bend will be exalted by not bad dimensions fish’s catch but.

Off-set super light, balanced but also very very strong! Two different actions in order to fit every fishing style as from. Serra fishes. Super rod even for the popping style using big jerks or sticky baits searching. The 2. This rod has been designed to chase for every kind of predator, both in the sea as in fresh water. A strong spinning rod ideal for fish and catch the biggest predators in each kind of water: the photos sent by our.

If you are thinking about the price,. The most passioned spinning angler would want to be able to fish in every moment, so his fishing rod must. In the lunch break or after the working time or even during a long holiday trip in the. Thanks to the very short five sections of the Skeletron rod, well packed in a very nice stiffed holdall antibreakages.

A superlative spinning travel rod which can be fit in every free space. It has got a stiff holdall anti breakage for. The really sensitive tip, in solid carbon material will help you to strike the most. Realized in super high modulus carbon fiber with a super slim blank which design a. If you are planning some fishing holidays or simply a trip far from the home, this is the ideal travel-spinning rod.

You can easily put it in each luggage you want , or transport it in all the ways you want and need. We have not. Really specific tackle designed for the trout area or the super light spinning experiences, realized in super high.

Super sensitive tip. The guides are. Dikai single arm, iper specific for the trout area technique and which permit the braid use thanks to the fuji ceramic. The reel case is souft touch and ergonomic that increase the vibration transmission directly on the hand palm. We have started with the idea to develope a pure Area-Trout rod, all dedicated to this technique. Once we have. The best characters of the Butterfly Superlight series are the high sensibility and the capacity to.

You will be surprised by the lightness, balance,. Carpfishing rod developed for any kind of water and for every kind of use: from the river to the lake, from the fishery. Fine finishings and stiff blank with a tip-progressive action: dedicated to long casts but. The range is composed by.

The relation between price and quality is impressive for a real versatile. The guides are supporting any kind of line. You can reach and make the longest casts and in the same moment you can feel. High modulus carbon fiber and thousands of. The slim blank is impressive and fantastic: very powerful. The price is superlative if we look to the rod quality and its details those are designed. The ideal rod for who wants to fish from the boat but also for all the anglers who want.

The cork used for the handle part is the best quality. You will hear a lot of positive comments in the carpfishing. A tackle dedicated for the angler who wants to fish with an high performance rod without renounce to the practicality. The tele force carp collection is divided in two different sizes.

You ll be surprised. One of the most beautiful collection that we could develop for the specialist and heavy feeder technique The best. The precious finishings and the very nice details. Ideal for the feeder fishing in the rivers, in the sea. As the Maver brand is able to offer the best bolognese rods thanks to the made in Italy technologies and experience the Smart brand is now able.

As you want to fish in freshwaters or saltwaters, this jewel was. Is made and produced in the most experienced Japanese. The long term durability is chained with an extremely high breaking strength.

Available in or mt spools and in all. Available in and mt. One of the most beautiful and targeted fishes in all the european seas , which deserved a special product from the Smart brand: our technicians have. As you. Available in or mt spools and in the most. The best innovations in term of anti-uv treatment and anti-corrosion system, permitted us to develop an high quality nylon expressly studied and tested.

Ideal for every kind of technique that needs the use of reels in all the sizes and characters. A real high-end development. Available in mt and mt spools in the most popular sizes and diameters. Your best fishing line for all the seafishing sessions! This line is still today our strong point in European game fishing. The Tephlon treatment covering makes it totally weather and saltiness proof. The elasticity is controlled and the rote mechanic memory is absent: all.

Thanks to the fusion of two different japanese nylon polymers, we have increased a lot the following characters:. During the creation of our Dynasty. Green line we have increased a lot the waterproof power, increasing also in this way the breaking strength of the same monophilament while it is wet.

Thanks to the low. The fluorine makes the surface much smoother than that of traditional lines, an important feature when the cast is a fundamental part of our fishing.

Finally the surface fluorine. Compared to a traditional nylon it. It is also. Another important feature is the low extension which allows a. Finally the UV rays proof treatment makes Smart G3 last longer.

The progressive stretching allows perfect strikes without losing. Low stretching allows good strikes directly to the fish in a very short time. On the other hand the TT Ice is completely waterproof and. You will be impressed by his strength and endurance!

We are so pleased to have crowned the range of Smart in a product with this quality and affordable price. We tested it in all fishing disciplines that needing the use of braid and you can truly trust of our positive. Another satisfaction is the diameters that goes from 0. Value for money is. Its peculiar formula makes it suitable both for making beach legering and bolentino main rigs and for the. The Katana line was created to satisfy the most demanding fisherman, with a japan steel hooks range of top quality enriched with carbon ,.

Carbon and steel alloys used are of the highest quality. The tips sharped in chemical baths have a. The katana series combines all the Maver best seller in one, both for the freshwater. It is produced and sold in two different colors: the natural nichel is perfect for use.

The chemically sharpened tip, ensures. SEA: The nickel version perfect for the sea using. The large sizes are used in surfcasting racing to catch fish in the surface, while in the. SEA: The black version has a special optional anti-salt treatment which makes it perfect for the use in sea water. The large sizes are used. The little sizes are very thin thickness but super strong so ideal for.

The size 24 is the most little eyed hook in the market! The bigger size are characterized by bigger and again stronger thickness. Ringed black hook treated with anticorrosion system, developed in order to catch big fishes with strong and hard mouth: big seabreams are its best. Its round mold with in-point is perfect even in order to bait the crab. If you are searching for the best Japanese hook for fish in the sea….

Barbless hook that is superlative for fish in commercial waters where we need to catch crucian carps, f1 or. Infact is the perfect compromise between. The barbless feature is. Barbless and forged hook with medium size structure. Eyed hook with a perfect penetration granted.

PTFE cover which helps to maintain features and quality granting. Eagle beak hook with a medium size structure which is perfect for fish and land big fishes in the. Barbless hook, dark, light and strong. The very sharp tip allows the hooking of only one under skin worm looking for suspicious chub.

Barbless hook. The sharpned tip allows only one worms under the skin looking for a suspicious chu. This hook is particularly light and thin, very good to be used with vers de vase.

The chemically sharpened point enables not to spoil the bait so to have. The medium opening and the length of the point provide a very good catch of big preys too. A barbless hook very light , perfect for fishing with the maggots for the most suspicious fishes like chubs, carasses and similars. The point is very. Hook with classic and perfect shape, medium length shank, round curve and straight point, revised with Black Nichel finishing to improve performances.

A true killer for catching afloat fish, especially horse mackerels, used a lot in surfcasting competitions. Sharpened lika a razor, it is a killer for all that fishes that bite the bait in a sensible way and that had to be striked in the first millimeter of their mouth. Its compact form with a long point is ideal for the light baits, like the maggot for fishing with the bolognese rod or the match rod, or like the sea worms.

Mullets, bogas, eagle fishes and all the other sea fishes cannot have escapes right now! Its strength is in the micro-eye, the baits of delicate and thin anellid such as lungworms will be perfect. Its extreme lightness enables to catch the. Ideal for all the grufolatori that suck baits from the sand. The Jurassic series is realized in collaboration with the most important Korean factory of hook which is able to make hook with the best value for.

You will be amazed by the performance of this series, despite the low price. Leafing through the catalog you will find hook with. Tied with a knotless knot on a 10cm hooklength and finished off with either a hair rigged 8mm stainless steel.

A superlative casting machine built for surfcasting, carpfishing and boat fishing. Double oscillation wired spires spooling system that permits a perfect. Anti-twist and anti-corrosion line roller that avoids the monofilament.

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