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Electrical PVC Cables

PVC is frequently used in cable insulation and wire jacketing to manage cable current and to provide a safe exterior


PVC is commonly used in cable insulation and wire jacketing to regulate cable current and create a safe exterior that does not provide its own risk. External PVC layers on electric lines and cables are required for electrical safety and reliability. The added protection they give shields conductors from dirt, moisture, and corrosion, allowing electric wires to last longer without creating a severe health or safety risk.

When it comes to electrical safety, PVC is renowned to be self-extinguishing in the event of a fire or overheating. While PVC can catch fire from a variety of causes, it contains self-extinguishing qualities that make it fire resistant. All sources of fire will be extinguished by the material, and it will not continue to burn. The material is also difficult to ignite, which means it won’t catch fire readily in the event of overheating.


PVC cables are flexible, have a high tensile strength, are good conductors, are easy to connect, and are multifunctional. Commercial and household users can use these cables for a variety of applications, including power supply cables, indoor wiring, mine wire, ship wiring, instrument wiring, and submarine wiring, thanks to their dynamic qualities.

PVC has been extensively examined and tested by a number of worldwide health and safety organisations for use in wiring and exterior cables.


Termite Proof
Rust/Corrosion Proof
Water Resistant
Long Lasting


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