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The Era of PVC

Date: 18-02-2022 | thinkPVC

Over the years, PVC has proudly taken over other materials as a home/office care solution. Nowadays construction companies, Architects, and builders are opting for PVC for flooring, ceiling, cabinets, doors, workstations, and overall paneling. The prime reason for the takeover of PVC is its sustainability, variety of shades and colors, safety, and above all termite-free.

PVC is extensively being used for window framing, drainage pipes, flooring, roof membranes, and door profiling. Many of our clients had little knowledge of the product but the recent surge has created awareness which made them utilize the products for their renovations. There have been a set of organizations that got their workstations made out of PVC for their employees, making it easy to clean and durable as workstations tend to be manhandled by many office employees.

The products made out of PVC are good on the pocket and easy to maintain. The ceilings made out of Polyvinyl Chloride are rust and termite-free which is a very big advantage to its name. Compared to the other materials, they require maintenance and changes every two or three years, PVC is long-lasting and can last up to fifteen to twenty years with a warranty.

In today’s world where inflation is skyrocketing, multinationals too have altered their budgets and succumbed to PVC their office interiors, ending up as satisfied clients. With the aesthetics and ambiance, PVC wall panels have created a niche in designing modern office spaces.

The wall panels have been used in many office spaces to add encouragement quotes, the company’s vision, and similar quotes on the walls to uplift and add character to the area. Adding to the wall writing, PVC is effectively paired with LED lights to give a chic look, especially to the lobby areas giving the employees and guests a welcoming and classy look and feel.

Many of our clients have primarily chosen PVC due to its technical properties and its ability to resist damage. The flooring, doors, kitchenettes tend to give longer durability than the mainstream and conventional materials. Furthermore, the weather conditions in Pakistan, tend to damage woodwork, marble, and tiles. PVC is water-resistant and gives you the coverage your office may need in the time of monsoon.

thinkPVC has a wide range of products to offer with excellent and certified credentials to their name. We provide home solutions that include installation, delivery, and professional aftercare services. Our vision is to leave the client satisfied and happy.

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