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Turn your office into a warm and trendy space

Date: 18-02-2022 | thinkPVC

Are you tired of the plain white walls, grey carpet, and white plastic blinds in your office? Do you feel that they make it look unpleasant and boring? Worry not! thinkPVC has a wide range of products to offer that can lift your office aesthetically in a very cost-effective way, making you and your colleagues feel more energetic and proud of the surroundings!

Foam boards

Foam boards are quite versatile and are profusely used in advertising; digital and screen printing, laminating, lettering, and signage. These are eco-friendly and non-toxic sheets that provide strength and durability while being easy to cut.

There are several reasons for these foam boards to be much better than plywood. The biggest difference is that plywood is not water-resistant whereas PVC is. The latter has longer durability and is able to sustain more moisture. Ply is rigid with more limitations than PVC, which is more flexible.


PVC roofing sheets are an excellent addition to the range. They are highly reflective and are energy cost-saving. The reflectivity of the roof keeps the membrane’s temperature low on very hot days resulting in less load on the HVAC system. It also extends the life of the roof, making it a popular option.


The flooring options available are humidity resistant due to the way it’s builds together, in addition to it being a good thermal insulator. It is also ideal for placing on top of the existing floor without the hassle of breaking the floor and making it an easy DIY product.

The thickness of the flooring varies along with the different designs and available colors.

There are some questions that are most commonly asked before purchasing. In this blog we are sharing a few to give clarity.

What do you mean by PVC?

PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a kind of plastic that is flexible, durable and easy to install. It is budget friendly and is taking over the conventional materials such as wood, clay, ceramic and  tiles.

Are PVC wall panels good for bathrooms?

As these panels are water resistant, the panels are ideal for bathroom wall cladding. They add elegance and style to the bathroom.

Is the PVC paneling expensive?

PVC wall panels are pocket-friendly therefore even if you redecorate the whole office area, it will not cost that much. The panels are durable and require little maintenance.

What are the benefits of PVC paneling?

Easy to install, water proof, rust and termite free, low maintenance, safe and recyclable; PVC panels come in different sizes, styles and shapes. The installation is dust and noise free.

What can damage these panels?

As they are plastic, they don’t have the strength to take nails and hammer. Anything sharp and heavy can damage them easily.

What is the comparison between PVC flooring and ceramic tiles?

When compared, the longevity is much more of PVC than tiles. Tiles have the tendency of cracking and are not flexible whereas PVC flooring is impact resistant.

We hope that it is useful to you in making a right decision of the best material option for your office and/or commercial area. To know more, follow us on our social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook.


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